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  Leather Care

Leather Protection - Use a high quality water and stain repellent product such as Tana® Style 16®. This should protect the garment from the elements and will repel the settling of dirt. When applying the spray, the garment must be clean and dry. Hold the spray-can upright, 20-30 cm away and spray in a circular motion. Do not saturate! Let dry and repeat treatment. Apply immediately after purchasing your new leather garment and every two or three months with regular use. Avoid using cleaning fluids, shoe cream, saddle soap and mink oil. These products contain ingredients that may damage your leather garment.

Never put stickers, adhesive badges or tape on a leather garment. Always use hang-tags. The glue from stickers will stain and damage the leather.

Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight or heat for prolonged periods of time.

Cleaning - Always rub leather against leather. Take the inside of a cuff and rub it against the stain of the same jacket. This is also a good method for removing rain stains.

Gently blot liquid stains with a clean cloth. During the winter, salt may stain your garment. Wipe with a clean damp cloth and let the garment dry naturally.

Visit a professional leather cleaner for more serious stains. Always send a complete leather suit to the cleaner. Never send one piece, example pant only, for there will be a slight change in color from the jacket after the cleaning treatment. Normal dry cleaning methods will remove essential oils, causing the leather to crack, fade and shrink. A cleaner who specializes in leather care will use a different method to clean and condition the leather.

Wrinkles and creases in leather usually hang out. If ironing is necessary, place a cotton cloth (do not use heavy brown paper as it may stick to the leather) over the leather and set the iron to its lowest setting without steam.

Be sure that the garment is dry before ironing and that the iron is continuously moved across the surface of the garment while pressing. Take care not to overheat the leather which will cause it to shine.

Care when wet - If your leather becomes wet, simply allow it to air dry at room temperature. Never put leather in the dryer.

Storage - Always hang your leather coat or jacket on a wide wooden, plastic or padded hanger to help maintain its shape. Never use a wire hanger. Store leather in a well-ventilated, cool and dry place. Avoid hot areas such as attics or damp areas such as cellars.

When storing, cover your leather with breathable cloth like cotton sheets. Plastic bags or coverings will cause excessive drying and spewing (leather starts to turn a white color). The effects of spewing can usually be rubbed off.

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